I’m a freelancer…HELP!

Life can be pretty daunting.  Some Scottish crack-head, before he became a Jedi master, said something in the line of “Choose life, choose a career..”  He might have chosen something else, the rest of us followed the beaten track.  Education, career, retirement.
The life is squeezed in somewhere in the middle part there.
Bad sprout didn’t mean to turn into grim sprout, but as a man of middle age, I have seen that beaten track and what it gave me for the years I spend walking it.  Not a lot.

Maybe it’s me.  Maybe I want too much.  I want fun, and love and a stressfree life.  The unicorns and dragons would be optional, but throw them in there anyway.
Well, the love part I have secured.  Thank the Gods for that.  The rest…work in progress.
You see, I am the sort of person who would go the mile for you, Mr. Manager.  I would be there every damn day, giving it all I have…and more.  Your business is my business, all that.  There is just one little thing that would be needed.  You would have to be the kind of person to listen to his co-workers, to be a human inside.  To have dreams and goals, emotions even.  One of the team, working as hard as everyone in the company.

I have met two persons like that in 18 years.  Freelancer it is.

Yes, I took the plunge.
Writing content & copy, building communities and managing social media.
It is what I love to do and quite frankly, I”m good at it.
However, all the skill in the world still does not make you a successful freelancer.
My site is amateurish at best,(come on, be fair), my prospecting skills do not seem to apply to this medium and I”m facing the difficulty of getting known.
Now what? Well, as Google claims to be your best friend…you go surfing.

You should see my mailbox. Good lord, it’s filthy. The poor thing is actually CRAWLING with people who want to help me. start my business.
A good thing, right? Well…see if you recognize this:

“Hey there, I”m not like all the rest. I”m comical, zany and I REALLY want to help you out, sir new business owner. To prove it, here’s my FREE guide to this and that. 
I will be emailing you the next five years too because I have your email now”
Regards, your new friend who is already successful and knows what you go through.

No, I have no budget. Yes, I do have ideas and some skill. No…I don’t think It’s going to be easy.  No, I know you can’t complain on social media.

The idealist in me (always there) came up with an idea.
It is *bleeping* time we really start helping each other.

No commercial schemes.
No hidden snakes
No marketing ploys.   (and yes, i know this could just be another one of those, wrapped differently)

Noobz for noobz.  Easy as that…  join us?



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